illusionist Ales Krejci



Zavoral Design

  • Filip Zavoral
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator

With Spell Against Drugs – Promotion

Zavoral Design took part in promotion of new project of leading Czech illusionist Ales Krejci whose goal is to help against risky and antisocial behavior of children in elementary schools.

Our goal was to design promotional materials which will reflects art of modern magic with its design and the seriousness of risky children behavior, while whole visual style will be unmistakable and recognizable among all other visual stimuls to which childrens are exposed every day.

Poster Design

Since initial discovery and research was decided that creative process will be focused to minimalistic and still very illustrative connection between modern art of magic and drug issue. That was achieved thanks to illustrative drawing of spell that shatters drugs which then disappear for good in illusionist´s hat. This illustration have also another functionality – it stands also as a part of project name in original Czech language “Kouzlem Proti Drogam”, which can be translated as “With Spell Against Drugs”.

Illusionist´s Hat is thing, that is perceived as i big cliche and in fact it is. Zavoral Design avoided that thanks to usage of minimalistic illustrations and overall very geometric visual style, where hat, folk symbol of all illusionists, still serve as very effective carrier of information which is subconsciously perceived by human and just by mere look one recognize and evaluate possible themes without necessity of closer look, which helps to attract attention.


Final Product