Zavoral Design

  • Filip Zavoral
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator

Skuldwyrd – Visual Identity

Skuldwyrd is a musical project channeling lost wisdom of European forebears thru ancient instruments and is inspired by European Pagan roots and Mythology.

Zavoral Design created overall visual identity for this unique project, from the logotype design to album cover or in other words Album Art. Priority for Zavoral Design throughout whole creative process was to emphasize the connection with European history, nature and, last but not least, mythology.

Logotype Design

Deep research is an integral part of every design process however in Skuldwyrd´s case we had to go way further in initial and ongoin research. It was not enough just to set goals, explore target audience, determine strategy in line with business plan and brand philosophy, but also we had to study history in detail including ancient Rune scripts used in Central and Northern Europe in 1st to 10th century AD.
All of this was reflected in final visual style which has modern and fresh feeling although it is very closely connected with European history through Rune font, mythology and nature.

Album Art

Albuc cover, or Albur Art, for digital versions and physical CD´s and LP´s is based on the roots of Skuldwyrd´s logotype itself, however it was really important to ensure and maintain standards used by digital distribution and music stream services such as iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon or Spotify.


Nordic Green


Sky Creme


Soil Black



Final Product