Dok 13



Zavoral Design

  • Filip Zavoral
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator

Questra – Promotion

Escala together with DOK 13 from Zlin city in Czech republic, engaged in personal development and activities for children, teenagers, adults and companies, decided to prepare new course about self-development and own way in life called “Questra”.

Goal of Zavoral Design was to design promotional prints which reflecting fictious postapocalyptic world of Questra in which whole course taking place and broaden general awareness about course among teenagers and adults and organically increase interest in this unique course thanks to eye-catching postapocalyptic visual style where we also used digital Hand Panting technique which stands out among all other similarly oriented events.
In addition to promotion itself was equally important for Zavoral Design to provide to all potential interested parties in this course visual insight into world of Questra before beginning of the course itself, where everyone could just by glance to promotional prints see his way throught difficulties while self-seeking and self development with which will help them experienced lecturers and help them to find the right path of life.

Print Design

Thanks to seting the course and its stylisation into fictional postapocalyptic world of Questra was overall creative direction and visual focus defined and from it was derived whole creative process which was fundamentally different from common design processes used in similarly oriented events. Thanks to usage of digital Hand Painting technique Zavoral Design created distinctive visual style which stands out from commonly used designs for similar events making it very memorable and effectively increasing interest in potential course attendants.

Final Product