Logo, Web & Brand Identity Mythiq.net

Welcome to the new era.

With the new era of European video game network, publisher and developer Mythiq.net comes a new brand identity, led by a modern and original logo that honours all the pillars of the Mythiq.net brand and a website with features that redefine conventional standards.

When the pillars and roots of the brand form a logo.

In its history, Mythiq.net has been represented by three logos, including our current one. However, the previous logos did not sufficiently reflect what the Mythiq.net brand is, stands for and creates. In particular, the two previous client logos did not properly fulfill their primary, i.e. identifying, function.

The new logo was designed to honor the brand’s roots and core values while still being perfectly distinguishable and easily identifiable.

A website redefining conventional standards.

A smooth, seamless user experience from every part of the website and content tailored to each user with advanced profiles. Detailed researched and designed UX and UI design ensure that every user step is as simple and fast as it can be.

All of this is underlined by the site’s advanced features and automatic prediction of the user’s steps, which not only reflects one of the client’s main pillars of providing users with the ultimate flawless experience across all projects and services, but also pushes and redefines the standards of conventional websites.

Advanced accounts

User accounts, allowing easy interaction with services, events and other users.


Web as a full-fledged platform. From news, to user accounts, community centre and online shop. All in one place.

Easy support

Users can get technical support for all services in seconds and just two clicks.


All data is encrypted and protected by several internal technologies.

Oh wow that looks so polished! Never thought that something useful can be also so pleasant to look at.

Thomas K.Reddit user

It is pretty reliable and it do everything for you.

James BaldwinGT Race Driver & Alfa Romeo Formula 1 team test driver

Just two words can explain the new website. Very cool! Pretty looking and full of features.

AllPurposeKhakisReddit user

Reimagining the concept of a traditional community forum.

The traditional concept of community forums has been fundamentally transformed, creating a unique platform for more convenient communication and overall interaction between users and the entire community. All this with the help of research and data analysis that helped to design a completely revolutionary UX and UI design in the field of online communication platforms and forums.


No more searching with world-class UX and UI design. Everything is designed to allow the user to chat with others in any topic within a single click.


Users can communicate with each other in real time, eliminating the need to refresh the page while waiting for others to reply.

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  • Mythiq.net
Design & Coding
  • Filip Zavoral
  • Marcin Bielak
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe XD
  • Adobe After Effects

2020 – 2021


In this project, Zavoral Design had to come up with a new Brand Identity for Mythiq.net, which included the creation of the overall visual identity, including the logo, as well as the brand strategy.

Another important point of the whole project for Zavoral Design was the design and creation of a completely new generation of websites that will fulfill all the client’s goals, reflect the core values of the brand and most importantly serve the best possible visitors themselves, providing them with a completely flawless, seamless and uninterrupted experience.