• Exil Theater
  • Pardubice



Zavoral Design

  • Filip Zavoral
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator

Diary of Anne Frank – Promotion

Exil Theater from Pardubice in Czech republic prepared new theater production “Diary of Anne Frank” or in original Czech language “Z Deníku Židovky” based on real diary of Anne Frank in which tells a story about man whose being on this world can end anytime.

Zavoral Design for this chilling production, which is also 90th premier of Exil Theater, was given task of producing promotional materials which would capture grim atmosphere of World War 2 and the situation of Anne Frank, which included design of poster and theater program prints. Our goal was not just promotion but also connection of visitors with actors, evoking atmosphere through raw design and pulling into core of production itself.

Poster Design

Visual idea of poster was quite clear from the beginning and containing two key words: chilling and atmospheric. Theese key words was points from which all the work on poster design came from and where occured perfect connection of fragments “Fog of War” of World War 2 and Anne Frank herself, which face is covered by her diary and background is illuminated by light showing some sort of hope.

Programme Design

For all visitors of “Diary of Anne Frank” performance was also created bookled with program containing informations about production, cast and other details. The entire visual style of program brochure is based and derived from poster design and therefore every visitor of this performance can take away to home not just unforgetable experience from performance but also distinctive and atmospheric program brochure evoking and reminding him every emotions, visuals and sounds that absorbed during performance.

Final Product