Fitness Petr Kucera

We created a simply brilliant logo for the personal brand of fitness trainer Petr Kučero - the absolute winner of the international bodybuilding competition in Slovakia and the winner of the Men physique open category. The logo combines not only the initials of the name, but also symbolically represents the output of negative thinking and the intake of positive ones, workout and symbolically represents the effort that is rewarded with a healthier life and excellent physical form.

Everything is complemented by a unique font for the accompanying text, which is created specifically for the Petr Kučera brand and can also be used as part of other promotional and branded materials and slogans.

Creative director

Filip Zavoral


Fitness Petr Kucera


Filip Zavoral
Petra Mottlová


Logo design


Vojtěch Mareš



Zero-limit logo

The design strategy, based on the initial client interview and subsequent research, was to come up with a strong logo for the entire project and design that was able to perfectly fulfill its primary identification function while helping to build the client's personal brand. A functional, yet appealing design that the public will quickly adopt, but at the same time is easily distinguishable and free from general fitness/gym/sports themes, achieving a completely original unmistakable design.


Signature green

Primary brand color

Deep black

Secondary color

Fresh white

Additional color


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