ZP Bartoš

A completely responsive and user-friendly website that gives direction to the market. Designed to intuitively provide an overview of services to visitors and allow easy and quick negotiation and order, whether from the comfort of home or through the phone screen on a train.


ZP Bartoš



Web that adapts to you.

Variably changes content size and it´s layout based on device and resolution. Whether you using smart watches, phone, tablet, computer or projector, you will always have the most comfortable experience from viewing website and choosing services.

Everything within reach. And where it should be.

At first glance and in first seconds understandable, intuitive and with every important elements within reach of one click and right where you looking for it. Website created directly for visitor thanks to precise UX and UI design, that saves you time, makes browsing easier and rocket fast contact. No other in this market uses power of UX design.

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Bright yellow

Primary brand color

Pure white

Secondary color

Secondary gray

Additional color


Design that gives direction to the market.

Uniqueness consists of a gentle and breathing design ensuring the most comfortable experience. From colors to the last pixel is everything designed to form a perfect whole from which you will have a great feeling that everyone deserves. We moving market and experience from web browsing to the new century.

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